Instead of focusing on “resolutions” try to focus on how you can make your business better in 2017. New Year’s resolutions often fall apart within the first few weeks (or months) of the new year, but if you create a long-term plan, with policies to improve your business this year, your business will have a stronger trajectory to succeed.

  • Try giving up a bit of control. Even you aren’t someone who tends to micromanage, surely there have been times when you think you know how to fix a problem better than one of your coworkers (or employees). Rather than giving into your urge to control a situation, take a step back and let people figure out their problems on their own. Many times, when people have the space to face their own issues, they’ll find a solution on their own and they’ll also be able to grow and use this learning experience in the future.
  • Refresh and revive your social media presence. Perhaps you’ve had stellar social media success this past year, but there is always room to improve. Start with tweaking posts to use different language, or inserting “new genre” posts sporadically. Also try playing around with the times that you’re publishing posts. Obviously, be sure to monitor the traffic to see what post times lead to the highest levels of engagement.
  • Use a calendar. Although you obviously have some form of a computer or digital calendar for scheduling, sometimes having something visible on the wall can make tasks and meetings seem more tangible. Seeing upcoming events or projects right in front of you can help you remember and visualize the future better.
  • Learn something new. Pushing and engaging your mind will not only allow you to learn new skills, but also gain new perspectives (and even think in different ways). Learning something new could be anything: from learning a new coding language, or taking an online class on business finance in today’s world.

Have a prosperous and triumphant New Year!