Cost ControlWith all the added responsibility and pressure that companies CEO’s and CFO’s are exerting on benefits professionals to navigate these days, controlling costs and creative planning are still at the very core. The need for higher level consulting has never been greater.  Helping our clients “bend the curve” can take some sophisticated tools and strategies. Are you ever concerned that you are not sufficiently equipped to compete?

Here are some things to consider:


  • Do you have access to an independent third party actuarial analysis and a data analytics model exceeding 50 million lives?
  • Are you able to receive a relevant benchmarking resource when you are faced with significant decisions to maintain competitive, cost-effective benefit programs?
  • Are you able to receive an independent view of your client’s pharmacy costs and negotiate as an aggregate purchaser?
  • Are you benefiting from a preferred carrier relationship with a market-leading stop loss carrier?
  • Have you integrated telehealth and wellness into your strategy?
  • Are your employees being provided advocacy around healthcare issued when they are concerned with talking to their employer?


Corporate Financial’s firm is well equipped for this challenge. We are a national benefit consulting firm that is able to increase your competitiveness and profitability by leveraging our collective strength. As the marketplace continues to change, we help our clients adapt and stay ahead. In addition to these health management tools, we also equip our clients with extraordinary resources in the areas of plan design, alternative funding, compliance, human resources and benefits technology.

Let’s explore how Corporate Financial can provide you with the resources you need to help your employees control the cost of their benefit programs.  A brief introductory call of 20 minutes will enable us to see if there might be a fit between our organizations.