Employee Motivation Concept And Man.

What is an employee who is truly engaged? An engaged employee is someone who is invested in his or her job, inspired to produce admirable work, and eager to improve the success and reputation of the company. But how does a company go about promoting employee engagement without shoving it down people’s throats? How can a someone organically encourage his or her employees to be motivated? Or is it impossible?

There are many people who don’t buy into “employee engagement”, believing that if employees are content and occupied with work to do, then they are indeed engaged. But, perhaps these employees are working only as a means to an end, to pay the bills, to feed their children, or to live a comfortable life. Why, then, should they be engaged in the well-being of a company? Maybe these employees have other goals, other areas in their lives that weigh more than a menial day job.

But there are solid reasons to advocate employee engagement! For example, if an employee is engaged in his or her work, and feels like the role is a vital one in the company, then he or she will probably take fewer days off, or sick (but not really sick) days. These employees will feel a stronger connection to the company, and in due course, their percentage of productivity will inevitably increase.

Additionally, employee engagement can enhance a company’s marketing. Engaged employees will often be more positive about work and the company, and consequently will have positive comments about their place of work, ultimately aiding the company’s reputation.

Employees who are not engaged, tend to raise their hand less, ask fewer questions, and be less communicative. They don’t feel an attachment to the company, so there is neither pride in their work nor in the outcome. Alternatively, employees who are engaged can will be inclined (whether consciously or not) to ask more questions and to seek answers and clarifications for even the smallest of nuances. Fundamentally, this type of behavior will only aid the company, its reputation, and the overall work environment.