Pets have always been important members of the family, and now their importance is starting to be recognized in the workplace. Although most companies still do not allow pets in the office on a regular basis, due to allergies, hygiene, safety, etc., certain gestures have been made to honor pets, such as National “Take Your Dog to Work Day” on June 26th. Now though, it seems employees may see some real, tangible benefits for their animals.

Any cat or dog owner knows that their medical bills can really add up, costing pet-owners a fortune every year. To address this problem many companies have begun offering pet insurance as a voluntary employee benefit, which means that it is paid principally by employees at a discounted group rate.  In fact, one in three Fortune 500 companies provide Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) to help their employees take care of their furry loved ones.

Offering VPI is appealing to many employees, especially since over 66% of Americans own at least one pet. Pet insurance can be added to a benefit package at no additional rate for the company, and employees are entitled to a 5% discount on their medical policy premium. Furthermore, plan options and premiums are relatively low, averaging around $30 per month. That said, prices do vary depending on the species, age, breed, and city where the pet lives, and unsurprisingly, dogs are generally more expensive than cats. Nonetheless, VPI allows employees to care for their pets, including birds and exotic pets as well, while not breaking the bank.

What are some of the benefits?

Coverage for:

Illnesses                                                          Cancer

Injuries                                                            Surgery

Genetic Conditions                                         Hospitalization

Emergency Care                                              X-Rays

Cancer                                                             Blood Tests

Now that we see the many advantages to adding pet insurance to a company’s benefit package, consider checking out VPI for your employees to help them care for all of their family members’ health and well-being.