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It’s the homestretch of the holiday season, but there’s still so much to do. There’s no perfect list of company holidays that an employer could provide that would be suitable to all. Obviously employees need time off for religious holidays or events, but sometimes they don’t request it in the most appropriate way.

Ideally, your employees have already told you well in advance when they need vacation days (or if you’re an employee, you’ve told your employer about needed time off), but if you still haven’t communicated this, do it now!! Be sure that the vacation policy is clear to everyone involved—if you’re an employee, know the rules before you ask for favors, and for employers, make sure that the protocol is coherent to all. Some holidays are not the same dates every year, which can sometimes throw off a schedule, but it’s not an excuse to forget about asking for time off.

Be sure that you have a solid system in place that easily tracks your employees’ vacation time. This way, you and your employees can easily know when and where there is need for staffing levels or reallocation of work.

Last minute errands are popping up for everyone, and it’s important to be sympathetic to your employees during this (often) stressful time of year. Although you may have set an unambiguous deadline for when to submit vacation requests, not everything in life falls according to plan. If an employee needs an afternoon off, try to be sympathetic, so long as he or she gets the work done or gets the shift covered by someone else.

Consider offering premium pay or bonuses to employees who will work during popular vacation periods. This will provide incentive to your employees, and it will ensure that you won’t lose business during this time.

Remember, this time of year is supposed to be a festive one. Have fun at your holiday work party and be ready to look at the New Year with a fresh perspective.