Millennials Concept With Workstation

Millennials have been in the workplace for about a decade now, and within the next few years, they will make up roughly 50% of the workforce. Millennials have continuously received criticism for being too lazy, or too spoiled and entitled, but it’s impossible to lump them all together. The force they’ve brought is unlike any generation before them. Millennials arrive to the workforce armed with new perspectives of how office life should be, and ideas of how employee interaction and relationships should transpire. Millennials are helping to redefine the face of the workplace and how business should be conducted, rather than relying on past manners of operation.

To begin with what Millennials are not, they are not all unmotivated or high-maintenance individuals. For starters, this generation has the highest college enrollment rate ever; therefore, it’s impossible for the “lazy” stigma to be worked into the Millennial definition. Secondly, calling a generation “high-maintenance” is a bold claim. While this generation is highly entrepreneurial and desires flexibility with hours and working from home, this does not equate to high demands. If anything, one could see these “demands” as a means to maximize time and potential and decrease any waste (commuting, being chained to a desk during specific hours only, menial tasks, etc.).

Millennials are forward thinking, and do not want to live in a working world of the past. This generation values good relationships with coworkers and supervisors, and they even seek a mentor, or coach, rather than a boss. Millennials have a desire to grow and learn, whether that’s in the company where they’re currently working, or in another company, and they constantly want to take their skills and education to the next level.

Although every current and previous generation will condemn and nitpick upcoming generations, realizing that new generations do have positive elements for the future of business, is an important element to remember.