Staff Relations And Motivation, Workplace

Any business knows that customer satisfaction is crucial for success. Without it, a business could not only lose money, but might also risk losing customer loyalty and potential client referrals. However, although customers are essential to every business, it’s the employees that provide the backbone to the company.

Employees are the face of any company—and their level of satisfaction will be what the client sees first. If businesses take the time to invest in their employees, then employees will want to reciprocate and invest in the company.

  • Customers will see it: Customers aren’t blind; they’ll be able to tell immediately if the employee who is assisting them is cheerful or miserable. If an employee has contagiously good spirits, a customer will identify this as a positive aspect of the company. Conversely, if an employee is walking under a dark raincloud, customers will equate this to the employee hating his or her job, perhaps at the fault of the company.
  • Loyalty prevails: If your employees feel loyal to the company, they’ll be inclined to stick by the company in both good times and bad. The last thing that any business would want is a mass exodus the minute that the going gets tough.
  • Caring goes a long way: When managers take the time to ask their employees for observations, suggestions, and overall wellbeing, the employee will feel as if his or her opinion matters—and will quite possibly be more willing to supply feedback, knowing that he or she has a voice. The company will receive more holistic advice from the employee because of the mutual respect that is present.
  • Recommendations, referrals, relations: In the same way that customers recommend a business’ services and products, an employee will do the same. If an employee feels poorly treated, he or she is far less likely to make any positive comments about the company and the employers. Every company wants and needs a positive reputation, and the best place to start is treating the employees fairly.


Employees are the glue that hold any company together, and it would behoove any business to show their employees just how much they’re appreciated.