recruit job applicants

recruit job applicantsHaving difficulty filling your open positions with the right candidates? Last week we wrote about how to attract millennials to your workplace. But what if attracting millennials specifically isn’t your issue – what if it’s simply attracting any new hires? What if you have positions that need to be filled, and simply no one is applying?

We’ve spoken with clients from around the country, who shared their best tips with us for successful recruiting.

Make Sure Your Expectations Are Realistic

Employers might not always realize that the job ads they post end up sounding like they are looking for a super-employee to do a near-impossible job, for a salary that is not nearly high enough. If this sounds like it could possibly be your company’s problem, take a good hard look at what you are demanding of potential new employees. Or, consult a professional who can look at your job description with new eyes. With a fresh perspective, you might realize why potential candidates are being scared off.

Make Sure Your Website Reflects Your Company Accurately

When deciding whether to apply for a job, one of the first things potential candidates will look at is the company website. If it’s outdated or contains errors, you’ve just turned away a slew of potential employees. Or conversely, you will attract employees who don’t notice the errors or who aren’t tech-savvy – probably not top-tier candidates.

Headhunt Actively

Advertising in local papers, LinkedIn, and on other websites are a great start – but it limits your potential pool of employees to those who are actively searching for new jobs. At the same time, there is a whole different group of people, who, if approached with a “dream job” that is perfect for them, would gladly leave their current positions and move on to their next professional challenge. So instead of waiting for candidates to apply to your company, headhunt them actively by searching for potential employees that you think would be excellent. Then contact them. Just be careful if they are working for your competitor – there are potential legal pitfalls when it comes to poaching.

Offer Great Benefits

When considering whether to accept a position or not, the two main factors are usually compensation and benefits. In fact, a worthwhile employee benefits package can sometimes trump salary expectations (within reason, of course). So even if you can’t be the highest paying company in your field, if you offer great employee benefits, it’s a definite attraction for potential employees.

Treat Your Employees Well – Because Word Gets Around

You’d be surprised how small of a world it really is, especially with social media. Potential candidates can easily find and contact former employees and get the inside scoop on your company’s management, including the good, bad and the ugly. While it’s a tall order, the only way to get good recommendations from former and current employees is to be a great employer. End of story.

Hopefully, you will soon have your own tips to share with us about how to successfully recruit employees. And if you need help setting up a stellar benefits package for your employees that won’t  break your budget, contact us.