Are you a business owner in South Florida? Have you found yourself searching terms like “business insurance Miami” on your desktop, wondering if you have the correct insurance? If you are worried about how your insurance is working for you, contact us at Corporate Financial today to speak with one of our business insurance consultants.

Often times business owners wonder how their insurance is working for them, and we don’t blame them. After all, you are a business professional, not an insurance professional. Luckily, Corporate Financial, your local Miami, Florida insurance professionals are here to help ensure that your business, and it’s assets, are protected.

But what can we do specifically for your business?

General Liability Coverage

Most businesses are generally at a risk due to the variable services that they provide to their customers. By working with us at Corporate Financial, you can rest easy knowing that you are protected from the unique risks of your industry.

Executive Liability

Just as your business, you, and other people that hold management positions are exposed to a variety of unique risks. The largest mistake that you can make is to act hesitant as a result of your lack of coverage. Instead, work with us at Corporate Financial so that you and your fellow management can act in the aggressive manner that will take your business to its apogee.

Environmental Insurance

Operating a business is a game of risks, and risk management. If you have business insurance, you can consider all risk to be null. One of these risks is environmental damage as a result of your company’s action — even if you are not responsible. Rather than operating hesitantly on your job sites, let us help you to ensure that your company is covered in the event of damages occurring.

Technology Errors & Omissions

There are variable businesses, and then there are technology businesses. As a technology firm or a startup, your third-party partners are dependant on your tech. If your company experiences a hiccup, and your third-party partners experience losses, you could be liable — unless you have business insurance, that is. Allow us to strengthen your company’s risk management by helping you choose the correct risk management plans.

Professional Liability

Much like a business, certain professionals need their own protection within a company. Professionals that provide services and advice to other can potentially be liable if something goes wrong as a result of their actions. Protect yourself, and protect your career with professional liability insurance — and let us help you find it.

Property Insurance

Much like your home protects you and your family, your commercial property protects your business. A number of things can go wrong, ranging from theft to flooding, that can damage all that you have built in a heartbeat — unless you have property insurance. Finding property insurance can be difficult, but Corporate Financial can help you choose the right plan.

Life Insurance

While people usually think of life insurance as a personal, and family, risk management tool, life insurance can also be an integral part of your business. Do you have a business partner? If one of you were to pass away, do you have a contingency plan? Plan for the worst, but hope for the best. Corporate Financial can help you choose the plan that would best benefit your business.

Workers’ Compensation

As a business owner you are responsible for your employees — after all, they are the brick and mortar of your business. If they are to get hurt on the job and are unable to work, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are fairly compensated. By working with us at Corporate Financial, we can ensure that you choose the proper workers’ compensation plan for your industry.

Corporate Financial, Your Business Insurance Professionals In Miami

We get it, insurance is complex. Each business is different, and there is no “blanket” insurance that can encompass all of the needs of a specific industry. Because of this, insurance professionals like us, here at Corporate Financial, are here to ensure that your business receives the best protection possible. So don’t search for “business insurance Miami” online, just come to us.

If you are looking to solidify your business’s risk management plans, contact us at Corporate Financial today.

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