1. Millennials in the Workplace

    Millennials have been in the workplace for about a decade now, and within the next few years, they will make up roughly 50% of the workforce. Millennials have continuously received criticism for being too lazy, or too spoiled and entitled, but it’s impossible to lump them all together. The force t…Read More

  2. Can Collaboration Affect Productivity?

    A collaborative team is often a more productive team. For many, bouncing ideas off on another, brainstorming, and generally being involved in the same project can boost productivity. Collaboration is less isolating and independent. As the old chestnut says, “two heads are better than one”, and i…Read More

  3. How to Combat Workplace Bullying

    Bullies can come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their targets. Bullies prey on the vulnerable, the weak, the insecure, as these people are often the easiest to enervate. Bullies grow bolder with power, and attack those who are non-confrontational, new to the workplace, or moral, because often th…Read More

  4. What Does “Employee Engagement” Really Mean?

    What is an employee who is truly engaged? An engaged employee is someone who is invested in his or her job, inspired to produce admirable work, and eager to improve the success and reputation of the company. But how does a company go about promoting employee engagement without shoving it down people…Read More

  5. Benefits: More Important Than Salary?

    Many companies are shifting from offering competitive salaries to creative, attractive benefit packages for employees. Employee benefits can come in all shapes and sizes, and are certainly not limited to health insurance; although, this matter is often the most discussed, as medical and dental bills…Read More

  6. The Necessity of Treating Employees Like Customers

    Any business knows that customer satisfaction is crucial for success. Without it, a business could not only lose money, but might also risk losing customer loyalty and potential client referrals. However, although customers are essential to every business, it’s the employees that provide the backb…Read More

  7. Estate Planning – What Is It and How Can You Do It?

    What is it?  Although estate planning is a practice often associated with those in the upper echelons of society, it is actually something that everyone can benefit from, and is a much more secure option than a simple will. Wills are purely legal documents that itemize intentions for burial and dis…Read More

  8. The Hottest Trend in Employee Benefits: Pet Insurance

    Pets have always been important members of the family, and now their importance is starting to be recognized in the workplace. Although most companies still do not allow pets in the office on a regular basis, due to allergies, hygiene, safety, etc., certain gestures have been made to honor pets, suc…Read More

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    New SHRM Survey Shows Trends in Employee Benefits

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently released the findings from its latest survey on employee benefits. SHRM surveyed 3,490 randomly selected HR professionals and examined over 300 benefits. Their findings show the rise and fall of various employee benefits over the past 20 year…Read More