1. The Importance Of Offering Competitive Employee Benefits

    Why is offering competitive employee benefits important? Some companies operate on the premise that they have to give their employees benefits, almost as if having benefits are a fundamental right for an employee. While we do agree that it is an employee’s right to have benefits, there is a differ…Read More

  2. What Does “Employee Engagement” Really Mean?

    What is an employee who is truly engaged? An engaged employee is someone who is invested in his or her job, inspired to produce admirable work, and eager to improve the success and reputation of the company. But how does a company go about promoting employee engagement without shoving it down people…Read More

  3. The Hottest Trend in Employee Benefits: Pet Insurance

    Pets have always been important members of the family, and now their importance is starting to be recognized in the workplace. Although most companies still do not allow pets in the office on a regular basis, due to allergies, hygiene, safety, etc., certain gestures have been made to honor pets, suc…Read More

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    New SHRM Survey Shows Trends in Employee Benefits

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently released the findings from its latest survey on employee benefits. SHRM surveyed 3,490 randomly selected HR professionals and examined over 300 benefits. Their findings show the rise and fall of various employee benefits over the past 20 year…Read More

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    How to Create a Successful Employee Wellness Program

    Research has shown that healthy employees are more productive. This means that it is worthwhile for employers to invest in the health of their employees. The best way to do this? An employee wellness program. Such a program benefits employers by increasing employee productivity and morale, as well a…Read More

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    5 Low-Cost Employee Benefits Small Businesses Can Offer

    One of the strategic ways to retain top talent at your company is to offer great employee benefits and perks (in addition to a competitive salary, of course). While large companies, such as Google and Facebook, have the financial means to offer great benefits such as paid maternity/paternity leave a…Read More

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    Employee Benefits: Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

    Choosing a benefits plan for your employees is only half the battle. The other half is communicating the benefits plan to your employees. While there are laws that cover exactly when and how long an employer has to communicate any new plans or amendments to employees, communicating this information …Read More

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    HSA, HRA and FSA – What’s the Difference?

      If you are opening a business and wish to provide your employees with comprehensive health coverage, you have probably realized by now that it’s not just about the health plan you choose. In fact, in addition to the health plan you offer employees, there are other options you can offer that wil…Read More

  9. Top 4 Employee Benefits Issues for Employers

    Many employees don’t realize that just as much as they worry about employee benefits, so do their employers. Employee benefits are not just something that affect individuals; they affect the company as a whole. According to Benefit Selling’s 2015 Employer Survey, there are 4 main issues that emp…Read More

  10. What Makes an HR Department Great?

    When employees talk about whether the company they work for is a “good” company or a “bad” company, what exactly do they mean? In some cases, employees rate their companies based on their direct bosses and how they act. Other times, employees rate their companies based on company policies, s…Read More