1. Recruiting Strategies to Create Your Ideal Team

    For many companies, heading down the recruiting route can be a daunting one. But it shouldn’t be—the purpose of recruiting is to find a suitable outcome for everyone, both the employer and the employee, so that all parties are satisfied in the end. There are myriad ways to approach the recruitin…Read More

  2. Human Resources and its role in the workplace

    The Human Resources department plays a vital role in a company because it serves as a “playground monitor”, creating an environmental tone. As a governing body, HR addresses and serves an entire spectrum of concerns, issues, and situations. It’s important for HR to maintain sound and cohesive …Read More

  3. Millennials in the Workplace

    Millennials have been in the workplace for about a decade now, and within the next few years, they will make up roughly 50% of the workforce. Millennials have continuously received criticism for being too lazy, or too spoiled and entitled, but it’s impossible to lump them all together. The force t…Read More

  4. Can Collaboration Affect Productivity?

    A collaborative team is often a more productive team. For many, bouncing ideas off on another, brainstorming, and generally being involved in the same project can boost productivity. Collaboration is less isolating and independent. As the old chestnut says, “two heads are better than one”, and i…Read More

  5. How to Combat Workplace Bullying

    Bullies can come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their targets. Bullies prey on the vulnerable, the weak, the insecure, as these people are often the easiest to enervate. Bullies grow bolder with power, and attack those who are non-confrontational, new to the workplace, or moral, because often th…Read More

  6. motivate your employees

    5 Tips to Motivate Your Employees

    Salary – while it is certainly the main consideration for potential employees when considering a new job, you might be surprised to find out that research shows that it is not effective in keeping employees motivated on a day-to-day basis. Rather, motivation at work needs to come from another sour…Read More

  7. employees protected

    HR: Are Your Employees Protected From the Heat?

    It’s never been a better time to be an employee. Today, employees are granted all sorts of rights and protections from federal and state governments – minimum wage, safety requirements, and overtime hours are just some examples of areas in which employees are protected from being taken advantage…Read More

  8. great bosses

    Top 8 Practices of Really Great Bosses

    It's no secret that bad bosses can be one of the reasons that employees quit their jobs. On the flip side, though, a great boss can be the reason that employees decide to stay at a company instead of searching for employment elsewhere. This means that having great bosses in your company is importan…Read More

  9. positive company culture

    5 Tips for Creating a Positive Company Culture

    For the past few years, the buzz words in HR have been “company culture.” Today, it’s not enough if a company pays high salaries if it drives workers like cattle and promotes an environment of internal competition. Today, a company needs to turn itself into a desirable, positive, and encouragi…Read More

  10. references

    Why Checking Employee References Is Crucial

    One of the biggest responsibilities of an employer is hiring employees. Not only do you want someone who will do the job that’s needed, but you also want someone who will get along with other employees, and most importantly, who is trustworthy. Hiring the wrong employee can end up costing the comp…Read More