1. The Cadillac Tax and Employer HSA Programs

    Now that some of the bigger issues related to healthcare reform have simmered down, attention is turning to provisions of the ACA that go into effect in 2018. Clients have begun asking about the impact to their Health Savings Account (“HSA”) programs of an excise tax on high cost health care und…Read More

  2. Buyer beware: Can your private exchange deliver on the back-end?

    With the rollout of the first federal and state health insurance exchanges, the transformation of the U.S. health care system got officially underway. Another transformation is starting now and will follow fast on its heels: The shift of all employee benefits from defined benefit to defined contribu…Read More

  3. Employer Mandate Delayed

    Today, the Obama administration announced that the employer mandate aspect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will be delayed by one year. This mandate requires businesses with 50 or more workers to provide health insurance coverage to employees. As a result, the administratio…Read More

  4. Group LTD – A Financial Time Bomb

    Relying solely upon employee benefits will economically cripple an individual if that person were to suffer a total disability due to illness or injury before retirement.  Consider an employee with the following benefits: Group LTD – 60% of income to $5,000 per month Group Life/AD&D – benef…Read More

  5. Temporary Guidance on the Employee Notice of Exchange Options

    On May 8, 2013, the Department of Labor (DOL) provided temporary guidance and model notices that employers can use to inform their employees about the Exchanges, which will be available January 1, 2014. Please note that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) now calls the Exchange the “…Read More

  6. Small businesses face delay in exchange choices

    Small-business advocates are pushing back against Obama Administration plans to delay by one year offering health insurance plans through government-run marketplaces. Initially, the idea was to get the so-called exchanges a big part of the nation’s health care reforms, to begin providing a choice …Read More