Open enrollment for benefits is hectic enough with last minute quotes from carriers, pending decisions regarding coverage options, finalizing plan design changes, and addressing employee benefit questions. Using a custom employee benefits information system can streamline and automate the enrollment and eligibility process, connect you with your participants 24/7, and help them efficiently manage their  employee benefits. The interactive information platform empowers both human resources and employees to become educated benefits consumers.

Our Corporate Financial system supports all coverage types including voluntary benefits. It features automated notification tools that eliminate manual reminders concerning eligibility and enrollment periods. Premium reconciliation and self-bill reports are generated, increasing the accuracy and reducing the amount of time it takes to verify carrier bills. Videos can be used to educate and guide your employees to smarter, more informed, employee benefit solutions.

Other features of the employee benefits information systems include:

  • A rules-based eligibility engine showing participant specific content and employee benefit information
  • Life event and new hire enrollment capability
  • An employee benefit communications portal for company news, calendar of events, and important updates
  • Employee self-service capability
  • Plan and policies tabs that store plan documents, benefit summaries, and FAQs
  • A display of prior year elections for easy comparisons
  • Custom report generator including detailed audit reports

Located and serving clients in the Greater Miami Area, including Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Palm Beach, South Florida as well as businesses nationwide, Corporate Financial can help your organization streamline your HIRS and employee benefit administration systems.