Corporate Financial professionals provide unbiased evaluations of service providers because we do not offer in house investment management, administration, trustee, or actuarial services. We can help companies reduce retirement plan costs, choose vendors, outsource administrative functions as well as improve employee education/communication.

Some of the challenges that face every employer are:

  • How “RICH” should retirement benefit packages be?
  • What percentage of matching funding?
  • How do you select from among the many programs available in today’s marketplace?
  • How do you administer these programs, internally or externally?

Due to fiduciary responsibility and the myriad of choices organizations are facing, Corporate Financial can partner with your organization to help you with dynamic ideas, ongoing assistance, and counsel. Serving Clients in the Greater Miami Area, including Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Palm Beach, South Florida as well as businesses nationwide, Corporate Financial is your go-to employee retirement plan tool.

Let us help your company find the proper retirement  benefit solutions today.