With Healthcare costs taking a significant percentage of a companies revenue, it is pivotal that companies proactively work towards controlling healthcare costs. Corporate Financial will work relentlessly for you to enhance your medical programs and control costs. The first step we take is to analyze current programs, philosophy of the organization, history of the programs, corporate culture and attitude towards employee benefits. The first step in order to do the analysis will be our proprietary confidential Medipro fact finder.

After this information is gathered and analyzed we will work with you to implement:

  •  Strategic Plans and Goals
  •  Plan Design Strategy
  •  Benchmarking Programs
  •  Market Analysis and Installation
  •  Financial Reporting and Analysis


We constantly evaluate every cost associated with your plan:

  •  Plan Administration Costs
  •  Claims Costs
  •  Network Discounts
  •  Plan Design Costs
  •  Future Trends
  •  Prescription Drugs


The underwriting from one carrier to the next is significantly different. These variations are often based on subjective criteria rather than empirical data. This approach has led to higher premiums and higher profits for the insurance companies. Our approach is based upon the latest industry trends, benchmarking, underwriting criteria, reinsurance and actuarial trends.

Savings will vary from client to client but 96% of the time we achieve significant dollar savings for our clients.