We’ll Help You Plan with Our Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning involves developing a “plan” that will accomplish the goals and objectives of an estate owner while living and at death.

These goals and objectives could include:

  • Providing cash payment for estate expenses including federal estate tax.
  • Providing income to family members after the estate owner’s death.
  • Providing for the disposition of a business at death.
  • Distributing assets to family members and other heirs in a tax efficient manner.

It is an ongoing process that involves the creation, conservation, and distribution of property. The “plan” could be as simple as having a will and life insurance, or could require the use of trusts, business continuation plans, or charitable arrangements among other concepts/products.

Corporate Financial offers a service to assist you with the first steps of estate planning.

Estate Tax Presentation Service

The purpose of this service is to collect information regarding your assets and liabilities in order to determine estate tax liability and if there is sufficient liquidity to pay estate taxes. The Estate Tax Presentation reflects the recent changes in estate tax law and also illustrates the effect of future growth and inflation on your estate.

We encourage you to contact Corporate Financial and ask about this free service