Client Community HR Web Portal

This Web based tool is exclusively for you and your HR staff. This tool provides comprehensive research tools, information and news that will help you manage your benefits programs. It also enables us to send and receive messages and documents to each other in a secure, encrypted environment assuring confidentiality.


Employee Communication Web Portal

You will be provided an Employee Communication Web Portal that is customized with your logo and colors so it looks exactly like your company site. These self-service employee portals are not just static Web pages. They are the first step in enhancing how you interact and communicate with your workforce. Employees can login 24/7 from anywhere with Internet access. Once inside employees can view detailed benefit information, print forms, view educational videos on your benefits and more!


Benefits Benchmarking Reports

The Employee Benefits Benchmarking Report allows you to view data from 4,000 employers nationally. Now you can compare by geographic region, industry, demographics,employee count, plan design, plan type as well as other criteria. Instead of guessing what your peers are doing, you’ll have the exact information you need to assess the competitiveness of your benefits package.


Legislative Guides & Trends

You will find detailed guides and executive summaries about federal legislation including FMLA, HIPPA, HIPPA Privacy Rules and Cobra. You will also receive a complete HIPPA Privacy Manual which will increase your knowledge and administration of HIPPA.

You will be advised of the latest developments in insurance and employee benefits. Summaries of the latest benefit trends and regulations are provided. This will help enable you to make sure your company is in compliance and offering the best in class.



Gain valuable insight on what’s happening in today’s marketplace by participating in these distance-learning seminars. Telewebs, held periodically throughout the year will address hot topics in employee benefits and compensation. Convenient and cost-effective-no time away from the office and no travel expenses-all you need to participate is access to the Internet and a phone (or speakerphone for multiple participants).