1. The Importance Of Offering Competitive Employee Benefits

    Why is offering competitive employee benefits important? Some companies operate on the premise that they have to give their employees benefits, almost as if having benefits are a fundamental right for an employee. While we do agree that it is an employee’s right to have benefits, there is a differ…Read More

  2. You’ve Endured A Hurricane, Now What?

    As Floridians, we are used to tropical storms, but every once and a while they become intense enough to make even us worry! There was Hurricane Irma in 2017, Wilma in 2005, and even quite a few unnamed storms that were documented as long ago as 1851. As far as we can tell, there always have been, an…Read More

  3. How Is Your Miami Business Insurance Working For You?

    Are you a business owner in South Florida? Have you found yourself searching terms like “business insurance Miami” on your desktop, wondering if you have the correct insurance? If you are worried about how your insurance is working for you, contact us at Corporate Financial today to speak with o…Read More

  4. Our Strategic Benefits Planning Solutions

    Often times, as an employer, employee benefits are one of your company’s most important budget items. Strategic benefit planning should be carefully designed, with the long-term in mind. But how do you plan for long-term employee benefits when your company or organization is quickly growing? At Co…Read More