1. motivate your employees

    5 Tips to Motivate Your Employees

    Salary – while it is certainly the main consideration for potential employees when considering a new job, you might be surprised to find out that research shows that it is not effective in keeping employees motivated on a day-to-day basis. Rather, motivation at work needs to come from another sour…Read More

  2. employees protected

    HR: Are Your Employees Protected From the Heat?

    It’s never been a better time to be an employee. Today, employees are granted all sorts of rights and protections from federal and state governments – minimum wage, safety requirements, and overtime hours are just some examples of areas in which employees are protected from being taken advantage…Read More

  3. great bosses

    Top 8 Practices of Really Great Bosses

    It's no secret that bad bosses can be one of the reasons that employees quit their jobs. On the flip side, though, a great boss can be the reason that employees decide to stay at a company instead of searching for employment elsewhere. This means that having great bosses in your company is importan…Read More

  4. employee benefits

    5 Low-Cost Employee Benefits Small Businesses Can Offer

    One of the strategic ways to retain top talent at your company is to offer great employee benefits and perks (in addition to a competitive salary, of course). While large companies, such as Google and Facebook, have the financial means to offer great benefits such as paid maternity/paternity leave a…Read More

  5. positive company culture

    5 Tips for Creating a Positive Company Culture

    For the past few years, the buzz words in HR have been “company culture.” Today, it’s not enough if a company pays high salaries if it drives workers like cattle and promotes an environment of internal competition. Today, a company needs to turn itself into a desirable, positive, and encouragi…Read More

  6. references

    Why Checking Employee References Is Crucial

    One of the biggest responsibilities of an employer is hiring employees. Not only do you want someone who will do the job that’s needed, but you also want someone who will get along with other employees, and most importantly, who is trustworthy. Hiring the wrong employee can end up costing the comp…Read More

  7. poaching employees

    How to Prevent Your Employees from Being Poached

    No company wants to lose a valuable employee – especially not to their competition. Losing a good worker is not only a loss for the company, but it is also expensive – all the time you spent training them ends up moving over to your competitor, not to mention the experience they gained at your c…Read More

  8. employee benefits

    Employee Benefits: Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

    Choosing a benefits plan for your employees is only half the battle. The other half is communicating the benefits plan to your employees. While there are laws that cover exactly when and how long an employer has to communicate any new plans or amendments to employees, communicating this information …Read More