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Graduate Medical Education/ Long Term Disability Program

As a graduate medical education (GME) resident, fellow or graduate, your earning potential may be your most valuable asset. It’s important to protect your income in case an injury or sickness makes you unable to work for an extended period of time.

At Corporate Financial, we know that the commitment you make to your employees has a direct effect on your companies success and its bottom line. We have the knowledge and experience to access your company’s employee benefit needs and the resources to put them into action, improving recruitment and reducing turnover.

 Long Term Disability Insurance Plan

The GME long term disability program is administered by Corporate Financial, Inc., an independent professional brokerage firm helping busy residents and doctors simplify complex financial matters, build wealth, and protect their financial future.

The GME specialized solutions by Corporate Financial are provided exclusively for medical residents and fellows. We are available to answer your questions, compare this policy and outside policies, and see how to best serve your needs, whether during residency, or at program completion. A resident considering any long-term disability product is encouraged to take advantage of this service before purchasing outside coverage. We also bring discounts from the other recognized major carriers such as Principal, Ameritas, Ohio National, and Berkshire/ Guardian.

Residents and Fellows

As a resident or fellow, you are in one of the most financially stressful positions of your lifetime. You have unprecedented demands on your time and money, and the decisions you make now can affect your lifestyle 10 to 20 years into the future. We provide you with the advice you need today to help ensure financial security in your future.

Practicing Doctors

Once you have completed your medical training, your financial needs become even more complicated. In today’s environment, there is no room for error in a doctor’s finances. Our goal is to help you grow and protect your wealth so you can focus on the things in your life that are most important to you.

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