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Executive Benefits

We structure, implement and administer executive benefit programs that are valuable to your high-performing executives, leading to increased satisfaction and higher retention rates.

We pride ourselves on understanding an organization's business philosophy, beliefs, and values. Understanding an organization's culture allows us to create a personalized compensation package. 



Executive benefits enable an organization to reward a business' key employees and executives selectively. As an employer, you want to provide your executives with more than 401(k) plans and benefits offered by the entire team. Since you can structure your executive benefits program, and there are no participation requirements, your company has the flexibility to reward and provide different incentives that fit executives individually. 

Many organizations offer executive supplemental health and welfare benefits. Some of which may be paid or reimbursed by the employer. Usually, these plans focus on protecting executives and their families against death or disability while employed and providing sufficient retirement income. However, there are so many more ways to reward your high performers with executive benefits, such as: 


  • Executive Deferred Compensation Plans 

  • Executive Split-Dollar Life insurance Plans 

  • Executive Supplemental Disability Insurance

  • Executive Supplemental Retirement Plan


In addition to those, we can get very creative by including sabbaticals or extra vacation allowances, 

Long-Term Care insurance, supplemental medical insurance or reimbursement, and many more.  


Contact us today so we can help you attract and retain your key executives. 

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