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Executive Supplemental Disability Insurance

Programs such as individual disability income and insurance can help protect highly compensated employees' income and assets and increase retention and recruitment efforts.

Coverage Highlights

Corporate Financial specializes in Executive Supplemental Disability Insurance programs. We feel all executive packages should include supplemental disability insurance. Most companies provide access to group disability benefits for all employees. However, group plans often cap the benefit paid during disability to 60% of the salary. In addition, most have monthly benefit caps of $10,000 or less. The cap on the benefit and the exclusion of all non-salary forms of compensation can challenge an executives’ ability to maintain their lifestyle if they become disabled.


Corporate Financial can offer your executives a supplemental disability policy that will cover the difference between what the employee will receive from the employer’s group long-term disability policy and what they need to maintain their lifestyle if they become disabled. Specialty plans can replace base salary and incentive compensation for highly compensated employees. These plans typically do not require medical underwriting and are portable.


Let’s schedule a time to discuss all of the possibilities to help your firm attract and retain key executives in your firm.

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