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Vintage Cars

Classic Car Coverage Insurance

Corporate Financial can help you find the right Classic Car coverage insurance policy for you so your collection is protected and you feel more secure.

Your collection of cars are an investment. Are they covered for the true value? Let’s make sure you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to insuring your collection.

We can provide you with the following coverages:

Agreed Value Car Insurance

The value of your classic car is determined at the time you purchase your policy, so if your vehicle suffers a total covered loss, there are no questions regarding value. Furthermore, with sufficient notice, you can increase coverage of the vehicle to its proper market value anytime before a covered loss.

Comprehensive And Collision Coverage

Collision insurance reimburses you for physical damage that occurs while your classic car is moving. Comprehensive coverage protects your car from damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other dangers while your collector car is parked or stored.

Liability And Uninsured Motorist

Suppose you’re at a car show, and the parking brake on your classic car fails. The car rolls into another collectible vehicle, or even worse, it injures a person. With Collector Car insurance and our high liability limits, your assets will be safe from expensive lawsuits.

Classic Car Parts And Equipment

Just like a classic car, all insurance policies are not created equal. Our carriers work with the restoration shop to restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition. You choose the facility that will repair your classic car.

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