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Executive Benefits

Our goal is to develop a plan that provides your top executives with the benefits they deserve.

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Recruiting, retaining and rewarding executives is crucial to your success. Often times executive career decisions hinge on factors such as executive benefits. Companies that pay attentions to these details posses a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining key executive talents. “Qualified” plans such as 401K plans adhere to rigid IRS and ERISA guidelines. Non-qualified benefit plans provide most of the advantages of a qualified plan and virtually none of the restrictions of a qualified benefit program. Companies are free to select participant eligibility, compensation sources, and vesting schedules. For key executive talent the tax deferred savings and earning opportunities provided by executive benefit plans make for a valuable asset in accumulating and preserving their wealth.

Corporate Financial has the experts to help your company gain the competitive edge in the executive recruitment and retainment marketplace. If you are looking to implement an executive benefit program or improve on an existing one, we can help.

We offer the following programs: 

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