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Cost Management Strategies

Containing your costs is vital to your business’s success, let us help you develop a cost management strategy that works for your business and your employees.

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Is your company paying too much? Are you facing a large rate increase?


Corporate Financial provides a unique service of contingency auditing of existing health and welfare premiums. We use proprietary data and market models to determine the appropriate rates based on risk, and and then we compare those rates to your actual rates. Once a variance is identified we negotiate on your behalf with your existing health and welfare carriers to reduce your premiums. Savings can average between 5% – 35%.

The underwriting from one carrier to the next is significantly different. These variations are often based on subjective criteria rather than empirical data. This approach has led to higher premiums and higher profits for the insurance companies. Our approach is based upon the latest industry trends, benchmarking, underwriting criteria, reinsurance and actuarial trends. Savings will vary from client to client but 96% of the time, we achieve significant dollar savings for our clients.

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  • Medical

  • Life and disability

  • Dental

  • Retirement

  • Healthcare cost management division

  • Employee communication & administration

  • HR support

  • Voluntary products

  • Retirement

Let Corporate Financial see discrepancies in the underwriting of your health and wellness insurance premiums. Serving the Greater Miami Area, including Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County, Corporate Financial is prepared to help your company regain lost capital.

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