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Employee Health Improvement and Wellness Initiatives

Health improvement and wellness programs are in growing demand, we want to help you create a program that makes sense for your company.

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As medical costs continue to rise, many employers are seeking innovative solutions to better manage their employee benefits program spending. Health Improvement and wellness initiatives are in growing demand as a means of reducing rising medical costs, minimizing the impact of disability related claims, and promoting employee productivity and healthy lifestyles. Some of the tools being utilized are employee communications, health risk assessments, biometric screenings, targeted intervention programs, and wellness initiatives.

These programs are a way to improve employee attendance and productivity and reduce health care costs for both the employer and employee. Health improvement programs and wellness initiatives provide opportunities for employees to lead healthier lifestyles, manage chronic illnesses, reduce stress, and improve psychological wellbeing.

Corporate Financial partners with employers to develop and implement a variety of comprehensive wellness programs. The most successful programs are multi-year wellness initiatives that progressively incorporate an increased breadth and scope of the program, and use of premium contributions and benefits to consistently incentivize those who are actively participating and/or improving their lifestyles and controllable risk factors. Use of the latest tools, such as biometric screening, personalized employee scorecards, and formal coaching programs for employees to achieve worthwhile wellness goals.

Implementing wellness initiatives allows employers to strategically impact medical trends and their health care dollars. Fact based data and analysis is critical to understanding what to focus on, and our customized employee communications result in wellness programs being done “with employees” instead of “to employees” which leads to greater success.

Corporate Financial works with clients to provide guidance and keep the wellness program relevant and engaging for employees so that employers realize an ongoing return on their wellness program investment. There are also many successful low cost and no cost ideas we can share on how to motivate employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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