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Environmental Insurance

Our goal is to ensure that your environmental insurance policy covers you in today’s complex business landscape.

Coverage Highlights

Environmental Exposures can occur unexpectedly on owned, leased, or managed locations and acquisitions, resulting in discontinued business operations and the sudden halt of day-to-day interactions.

We can help provide coverage for the following environmental exposures:

  • Clean up Costs

  • Environmental Professional Liability – Provides environmental firms, design, and engineering firms protection against damages such as mold, transportation, and non-owned disposal sites.

  • Contractors Pollution Liability – Protects contractors against third party bodily injury and property damage claims arising from work performed at a job site that either creates pollution, or compounds existing pollution conditions. Coverage can be provided for contractors, project owners, and subcontractors.

  • Pollution Legal Liability – We can provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage that owners, lessees, and operators may be exposed to on and off-site for new or pre-existing conditions. Some examples of these exposures are natural resource damage, transportation, non-owned disposal sites and above-ground and underground storage tanks.

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