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Brown & Brown Q3 Market Trends | 2022

Brown & Brown’s Market Trends allows you to connect quickly to key topics and notable updates in the insurance marketplace. Dive

deeper on any topic with our Brown & Brown team to better understand how these trends may impact your business. 

Risk Insights: Designing a Post-Coronavirus Workplace

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has changed many aspects of the current workplace, and soon, employers should begin planning for what their post-coronavirus office will look like. By updating office layouts, encouraging new behaviors and expanding remote work options, employers can help prevent the spread of future diseases, and protect the health and safety of employees.


How to Protect the Life You Love

Personal excess liability insurance can help protect you, your family, and your hard-earned assets. This type of coverage responds when the underlying limits of your other insurance policies, such as home, auto and watercraft, aren’t enough to cover the cost of an unexpected lawsuit or accident.

OSHA Withdraws COVID-19 ETS, but not the Proposed Permanent Rule

On Jan. 25, 2022, OSHA provided notice that it is withdrawing its COVID-19 vaccination and weekly testing emergency temporary standard (ETS). The withdrawal will be effective once the notice is published in the Federal Register. The expected publication date is Jan. 26, 2022. However, the agency is not withdrawing the ETS as a proposed permanent rule, and the standard rule-making process will continue.

Your Guide to

Insuring Your Wine and Spirits

While many luxury items continue to attract successful families and individuals, wine and spirits have both become top collecting categories.

This article serves as a guide to insuring your fine wine and spirits, including more information about why it's important to insure your valuable libations, as well as why picking the right insurer is critical. 

Family Visiting the Zoo

The Struggle of Traveling with Kids (and How to Protect Yourself from Disaster)

Whether you’re heading out on a long road trip or getting there in an airplane, there’s no doubt that traveling requires a lot of thought and preparation. Add kids to the equation, and a simple trip can get pretty stressful. Don’t let your next vacation leave you feeling as though you need another one just to recover.


Follow these simple tips to make traveling with children a lot easier on everyone.

Risk Insights: Business Risks of Marijuana Legalization

As marijuana legalization continues to develop, it’s critical for employers to fully understand these laws and adjust their workplace drug policies and procedures accordingly.

This article provides more information on the current landscape of marijuana laws, how such legislation can impact businesses and what employers can do to mitigate marijuana-related exposures.


6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Hackers

These days, nearly every coffee shop, library, airport, and hotel offers a way to access the internet from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. That means the information you have on your device could be available to hackers in the area - unless you've taken steps to protect your data. 

This newsletter provides a selection of easy-to-implement ways to improve your online safety.


Launch Into Summer Boat Ready

As boating season approaches, it's essential to ensure that your vessel is adequately protected. So don't take any chances - protect your vessel with Chubb Recreational Marine insurance and enjoy worry-free boating all season long!

This brochure provides more information about how you can protect your vessel.


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