With the growing cost sharing for employees in today’s medical plans, voluntary benefits are playing an increasingly important role. Corporate Financial assists clients with supplementing their benefits offering with voluntary group health products (versus the standard individual policies) so clients are able to offer their employee population the best contract terms and prices.

Employees need customized communication channels that clearly present their choices, items to consider when making decisions, and access to resources and people who will answer questions with the employees’ best interests in mind. Corporate Financial helps employees understand the employee benefit  products and services available to them so they better appreciate the value of the program.

It is very important that the voluntary products offered to employees have the same level of scrutiny as those core benefits paid for by the employer and that they complement the current employee benefits offered. When implemented thoughtfully and strategically, the voluntary products can give employees access to employee benefits with added value.

Corporate Financial is located and operates serving clients within the Greater Miami Area, including Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Palm Beach, South Florida as well as businesses nationwide, Corporate Financial is here to help you as an employer offer voluntary group plans in addition to individual employee benefits in the most efficient way possible.